Staff Profile: Patrick Day – A General Who Manages the Madness.

In the coming weeks, Crustacean Confidential will be taking some time to look behind the scenes at the people that make the world go ‘round in the universe of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.

It would be unfair to start off this series of staff profiles without first focusing on the one and only Patrick Day. As the General Manager for the Blue Crabs, Patrick oversees every aspect of day-to-day operations at Regency Furniture Stadium and the front office. Behind the craziness and excitement of every Blue Crabs game, it all starts with Mr. Day.

Let’s get to know the General Manager just a little bit better…

Crustacean Confidential (CC): Pat, where did you go to school and what year did you graduate? What did you study?
Pat Day (PD): There are a few answers to that. I graduated from Otis Elementary in 1987, Lee Central Middle School in 1989 and Lee High School in 1993. Though I’m sure what you were really asking was where I went to college! I graduated with a degree in Communication Arts from Concord College in 1998.

CC: Where are you originally from and where do you live now?
PD: I’m originally from Western Massachusetts, and I currently live in beautiful Waldorf, Maryland!

CC: Why did you decide to make your career in the sports industry?
PD: It was my first job out of college. I fell in love with working with the community, and I like being able to do my part to better it.

CC: What is your favorite part about coming into work for the every single day?
PD: Working with our employees and partners.

CC: Got any exciting theme nights you’re working on for 2015?
PD: Opening Night. I live one day at a time.

CC: Let’s hear it. What are your favorite sports teams?
PD: Red Sox, Dolphins, Celtics and the Tar Heels.

CC: What’s an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?
PD: I weighed less than two pounds at birth.

CC: What can Blue Crabs fans most look forward to in 2015?
PD: Amazing promotions and fantastic customer service!

Want to learn more about our GM’s path to the Blue Crabs? You can read his full bio here!

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